Quality food and drinks Made Ready to Serve


Quality Lunchtime Food and Drinks
Carefully Selected Tea and Coffee Beans

We love our coffee and tea as much as we love our food and we know the perfect cup is exactly what you need to brighten you up in the morning or at lunch and help you take on the day. That’s why we’ve been careful when selecting our choice of coffee bean and tea bag.

Just like our food, we’ve chosen the finest quality produce to ensure you enjoy your breakfast and lunch whether ordering online for collection, or sitting down in McLeary’s Café for lunch.

Fresh Produce Cooked to Order

At McLeary’s, we pride ourselves on offering only the best locally sourced fresh produce. We believe you should be able to enjoy a healthy and affordable breakfast or lunch that can be served to you without delay.

At McLeary’s Café you can drop in for a relaxing lunch with no need for reservation, or order online for collection at our outdoor hatch.

Relax with Your Lunch


Enjoy Quality Food at McLearys CAFe

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